The app that isn't an app:

Introducing “Car Trax

For travelers who want to know exactly where their car is we offer a texting feature, “Car Trax” . We will text you your car company, car number and make/model of the vehicle when the vehicle is assigned to your trip. You can connect to your driver’s cell with just a tap and you can click on a link which opens a map showing you the vehicle’s exact location. You will also receive a second text when your driver is on location.

All we need is your cell number to take advantage of this new feature and it works on any type of smart phone.

Here is what you will receive:

CT1A text notification showing you the car number, the type of car, the driver's phone number and a link.


If you tap on the link a browser will open, showing you your car location, Car number, driver name and the drivers phone number.


And when your car arrives a text message to let you know the driver is there.  It also has hyperlinks to his phone should you need to contact the driver.

No app to download, safe with corporate IT/IS departments, and makes finding your car easy.

Give us a call to sign up or just sign up at your next reservation.