An easy way to make a reservation, now or later

The links to download the app are below.  Please read through the following before downloading the app to insure we on board you correctly.

If you would like to view a handy decision tree on the steps please click here

 You need to have an account with us (or be a traveler on an existing corporate account) to use the app.  If you don't have an account with us we would love you to open one!  Go here

First time users need to register (not login) using the app

If you do not have a profile already set up in our system with an email and cell phone you won't be able to register.  To have us set you up please fill out this form.

As you register the app will ask for an account password.  It is the verification code you will receive by text message.  Once in the app please set your permanent password in the pop up.

I put in my information but the app says it cannot verify the account.  - Please double check that you have typed in your account number, phone number and/or email address correctly.  If you have an account which has a subaccount, it needs to be inputs as account dash subaccount (XXX-XXX).

Where is my Confirmation Number? - It is on the top of the page in the app after the reservation is placed.

When I open the app it says a car is "XX" minutes away.  How do I make a reservation? - Touch the blue "Set Pickup" icon.  That will open up additional options.  Touch the red "Now" in the bottom left and that will let you set the date and time of the reservation.

What are the three bars on the top left of the app - They open up a host of additional items, such as checking your profile, looking at previous rides etc.  Give it a try!

Is my logon the same for both the app and the web site page to make reservations? - Yes, if you are using our new web site both are the same.  The web site has some additional functionalities compared to the app which you should take the time to explore.  Both work off the same database, so whatever you change in one will be updated in the other immediately.

Still have questions?  Email us at and we'll give you a hand!